My brain feels thrashed, Bali thrashed to be exact. That’s what spending a couple of weeks in a giant house at Canggu with ten other Volcom team riders will do to you. The waves were pretty bad, so we spent most of our time drinking Bintang, wandering cow fields + mobbing the streets on scooters like Volcom’s own Hell’s Angels…

That was fun and all but eventually we figured we should prolly go find some surf.

We split the crew up goofy v. regs + did some island hoppin’. Us good guys (reg squad) took a couple ferries and buses, ending up in Sumbawa. It may not have been all-time, but it was nice to beat the crowd + find more swell than we saw at first. When it was all said and done, we all had some good waves and even more good laughs.

Here are some of my photos from #balithrash.
— PS